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ESYS plc.

ESYS is a highly successful, independent strategic consultancy which
helps its customers to maximise the benefit they gain from the
application of new technology to their businesses. Founded in 1990,
ESYS has established a reputation for delivering rigorous and
innovative work in the space and defence sectors. ESYS has subsequently
extended its reach to develop a strong presence in the areas of media,
telecommunications, environment, education and research, and satellite
navigation, serving a wide variety of government institutional and
commercial customers in the UK and Europe.

ESYS’ consultants offer skills in business analysis, market
strategy and policy and economic analysis based on an informed,
independent viewpoint. Operating across a wide range of application
domains and technologies enables us to offer our customers the benefit
of our wide experience. The cross fertilisation of knowledge and
experience across these sectors results in creative solutions to
complex problems.

ESYS in Earth Observation

Earth Observation consulting has been a
focus of ESYS’ business since the company’s formation. Over the past 15
years ESYS has supported the development of EO in Europe through a long
series of application development, market research and strategic
analysis projects. ESYS does not sell EO data or derived products and
so is able to offer a strictly independent view to our clients as well
as a non-competitive stance towards EO Value Added Resellers in the

ESYS has been extremely successful in
engaging new users of EO data and forming relationships between these
users and the European institutions and commercial re-sellers that can
meet their needs. In particular ESYS pioneered links with humanitarian
relief NGOs and over the past three years has established EO data as a
day to day reference source for this community through the Reuters
Alertnet Website. ESYS has also worked in a similar fashion with the
insurance, risk management and agriculture sectors.

These targeted studies complement our
sector-wide experience gained through a series of industry and market
analyses conducted for individual countries and at a European scale.
The features below highlight ESYS current focus in supporting the case
for the GMES programme and also outline the other domains in which ESYS
is active.

Supporting investment in environmental monitoring

ESYS is leading the way in developing
robust justifications for public investment in environmental monitoring
systems incorporating earth observation. With over 10 years experience
in the field, ESYS is now focusing on Europe’s Global Monitoring for
Environment and Security (GMES) programme. Combining technological
understanding, an appreciation of user needs, and skills in policy and
economic analysis, ESYS is supporting ESA, the EC and the UK Government
in understanding how to maximise the benefits of GMES.

ESYS consultants are working on
microeconomic analysis of cost effectiveness together with high level
strategic and macroeconomic analysis to present the economic, social
and environmental benefits of the programme. The applications domains
we have studied in detail include:

  • sea ice and glacier monitoring
  • oil spill and algae bloom detection
  • ocean modelling and forecasting
  • climate change research and monitoring
  • crop monitoring for food security
  • rapid mapping for humanitarian aid

Through our experience of similar
assignments in other technology fields we employ tried and tested
methodologies and rigorous analysis, always based on solid evidence.
Our outputs are carefully tuned to support policy and decision making
at the highest levels of Government.


second core technology expertise from the start of the company was
satellite telecommunications. ESYS has maintained a leading position in
this field, offering system engineering, market analysis and business
development services. Recent projects include:

  • On-site procurement contract monitoring for the customer of a major telecommunications satellite system
  • Development of innovative multicast solutions for captive audience networks in the professional and medical communities
  • Business case and prototyping for mobile satellite
    communications systems delivering multimedia services into aircraft and

Education and Research

ESYS undertakes programme assessment, IT
implementation advice and strategic analysis for customers in the UK
and Europe. Recent projects include:

  • Evaluation of the UK Climate Impact Programme for the UK Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs
  • IST results service: marketing the results of the EC Information
    Society Technologies research programme through a variety of events and
  • Scientific and management review of the UK Climate Research Programme (Hadley Centre)


ESYS has been supporting Europe’s
navigation programme since its inception, helping to develop the
investment case in both the public and private sectors. Much of our
recent work offers strong synergies with our EO programmes, including
application development and practical demonstrations for awareness
raising for the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System
(EGNOS) and Galileo. Recent projects include:

  • Managing the implementation of five
    EGNOS demonstration events including aviation flight trials, ship
    navigation and train control in Africa
  • Cost Benefit Analysis and examination of future development options for EGNOS
  • Global market analysis for satellite navigation products and services


ESYS employs the methodologies and
technological experience developed in other domains to defence
technology programmes, including:

  • High level system engineering for the UK Ministry of Defence’s SKYNET 5 project
  • Cost Benefit Analysis for modernisation options for a reconnaissance system
  • Requirements analysis for the BOWMAN terrestrial communications system

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