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ESOA release Report by Booz&CO: Why satellites matter

The satellite sector is a huge success story for the EU and a sector with a huge (often invisible) impact on the daily lives of citizens. It is also a major global industry with the top 4 global satellite operators, the 2 largest sat manufacturers and the #1 commercial launch service being European.

Despite the sector’s success, perception of its contribution by the EU is slightly different: policymakers don’t necessarily understand how satellites can help them to achieve their objectives (e.g. digital agenda objectives) and therefore don’t consider satellites in their recommendations, policies and legislation (“lack of technology neutrality”).

The lack of understanding of the true role of satellites may affect the ability of satellite operators to continue to access key satellite spectrum and ultimately threaten other essential satellite services.

The Booz&Co report was commissioned to provide an independent vision of the role of the satellite sector in contributing to the EU 2020 strategy, by reference to the full range of satellite applications.

ESOA took the initiative to launch European Satellite Day to improve awareness of the impact that invisible satellite networks have on the daily lives of citizens, and to make a point of reminding policymakers of the constant contribution of satellites to EU policy objectives from year to year.

Download Report:
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> Full Report

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