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ESA’s Eduspace updated and improved

The “Eduspace” website of the European Space Agency (ESA) has been recently updated and improved with new case studies, which are the cornerstone of the website.

This site has been for many years a window on the world for secondary students and teachers, providing a valuable source of ideas on how to introduce Earth observation techniques and applications from space into the classroom. Although it was developed for secondary school students, some material is also suited to university undergraduate level.

The new “Interactive Meteosat” section covers many different aspects of weather forecasting. It includes introductory pages on weather and climate, and a selection of images of Europe sent back from Meteosat. The case study also includes four worksheets with various exercises related to satellite pictures taken at different wavelengths. The final worksheet brings everything together by asking students to make their own measurement and their forecast. Another new section covers one of nature’s most spectacular and powerful creations: volcanoes. A notable addition is the introduction of a Greek version of the website, being now available in nine languages.

More information is available at: