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4th MFB-GeoConsulting Swiss ERDAS User Forum Schweiz am 28 April 2010

MFB-GeoConsulting is pleased to inform and to invite you to the 4th ERDAS User Forum Switzerland, which will take place on 28 April 2010.

Meanwhile the Swiss ERDAS User Forum has turned to be “The annual event for the Swiss ERDAS Software Clients”.

In the framework of this meeting, Software users and other interested participants will get

  • an extended overview on new products and SW-updates,
  • during Live-Demo sessions, useful hints for daily work were given,
  • “hands-on Update-Training 2010 is provided,
  • during the offered lunch you will have the possibility to exchange and discuss your work-experiences with other participants

The meeting location, Palais Besenval in Solothurn, is an outstanding place. Customers can enjoy the wonderful historic environment whereas in the mean time, most recent technological development strategies are presented.

Within the next days we will provide you with further necessary information and the application form will be available for download.

For further questions please contact
Gabriela Apfl

We appreciate your participation and we are looking forward to welcome you in April 2010 at the 4th User Forum Switzerland!

What’s New in ERDAS Software 2010, Version 10.1

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ERDAS: Earth to Business News 3/10

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Increasingly, geospatial information is being used to drive decisions in large organizations. In the past, geospatial technology companies focused on developing and providing solutions to data providers, geospatial service providers, airborne sensing organizations, national mapping agencies, state mapping agencies, DoD/National Programs and the natural resources sector. However, as geospatial technology capabilities have increased, more organizations outside this traditional geospatial customer base are discovering the offerings, with increasing interest in integrating this technology into their organization’s existing enterprise business system.