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ERDAS 2011 world tour goes to Italy

ERDAS will co-host a series of 11 World Tour events with distributor Planetek Italia in March and April.

The Italian branch of the tour will kick off on March 29 in Rome at the Star Hotel Metropole, and will include stops in Palermo, Milan, Venice, Cagliari and Bari. The tour will conclude on April 19 in Ancona.

During the events, ERDAS will share its unique “sensor to the internet” comprehensive workflow. This revolutionary enterprise approach has resulted in a cohesive product lineup that can handle the entire geospatial workflow from beginning to end with seamless transition between steps – authoring data sets from raw data, managing extensive volumes of data, connecting users, and rapidly delivering information to other users and organizations.

ERDAS and Planetek Italia will showcase the enhancements in ERDAS® 2011 that increase productivity, such as the ability to localize ERDAS products for a global audience, integrated support for Microsoft Bing™ Maps base imagery and map data, distributed processing throughout the desktop offerings, and a new product, ERDAS Engine.

For a more detailed list of ERDAS 2011 events, of What’s New in ERDAS 2011, a webinar showcasing new features, and full product descriptions and technical specifications for each product in the ERDAS portfolio, please visit

Source Planetek