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The EO wiki is a website whose users can add, modify or delete its content, depending on their rights. It is part of the EO Portal devoted to applications and everything about the products and services offered by the EO services industries.

For more information on the EO Portal and the full range of content together with the groups which have access, see About the EO Portal

The EO Wiki has been organised according to the EARSC taxonomy so that at the heart of the structure is a list of EO products organised into thematic areas and also assigned to market sectors. These two views are the first way to approach the database.

Then for each service there are 4 tabs ie areas of informations:

  • Applications; where content has been placed in the EO wiki then this tab should appear first. The goal is to assemble all information about that particular product or service (yes an ambitious goal!).
  • Products; this is in tabular form and contains linked information about documents that define this product. Since there may be variations or particular products then there may be multiple rows. The columns show:
    - the source of the information if it is appropriate.
    - A description of the product
    - A link to a product specification if one exists
    - Links to descriptions of any projects that have helped define the product.
  • Success Stories; this provides an array of any success stories that help to illustrate where the product has been used comprising a picture and very short description to identify the case.
  • References; which gives a list in tabular form of papers or research that help define the product or thematic area.

The EO wiki then also contains a listing of the applications and projects.

if you wish to sign-up simply fill in a request via the log-in page