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eoMALL is moving to its development phase!

Further to the eoMALL Invitation To Tender issued by ESA in 2017, Eversis, Geocento and GMV have been awarded for the first phase of the eoMALL competitive dialogue.

Thanks to the support of the ESA and the strong and valuable involvement of a dedicated EARSC working group composed of SMEs and Large companies, already members of the EARSC or joining to be part of the initiative, 2018 will be the year of the launch of the eoMALL!

The three winning consortia are:

  • led by Geocento, consortium includes Terradue and Catapult;
  • led by GMV Soluciones Globales Internet consortium includes GMV Aerospace and Defence and TMT Factory
  • led by Eversis consortium includes Airbus Defence & Space

The interaction between the working group, the three consotia and ESA is planned to start the beginning of February. Companies will have nine weeks to implement a prototype.

The objective is to develop an online Marketplace for the Earth Observation (EO) Service sector. Known as eoMALL, the platform will enable the interactive promotion of downstream EO-based products services focused on the needs of a global user-base.

In only 5 months, the beta release of the eoMALL will:

  • highlight top quality EO services and innovative European EO companies
  • enable companies in the actual small but fast-growing online market
  • improve the understanding of EO users needs in this specific market
  • engage with non-EO communities

2018 will be undoubtedly a challenging and interesting year!