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EO4GEO needs your help!

Are you providing training courses related to Earth observation (EO) / Geoinformatics (GI)?
Are you working in the EO and/or GI sector (in a private, public or academic organization)?

You have 6 weeks to contribute with 5 minutes of your time to the development of an innovative strategy for skills development and capacity building in the Earth observation (EO) and Geoinformatics (GI) field, supporting Copernicus user uptake.

The Earth observation and Geoinformatics sectors are evolving rapidly. This requires the adaptation of EO/GI training for matching the demanded skills on the market.

EO4GEO invites all organizations operating in the space and geospatial sectors to participate in its surveys on supply and demand of education and training in EO/GI.

5 minutes to help define a long-term sector skills strategy for the near future!


EO4GEO wishes to:
analyze the existing and planned training educational offer in the sector
identify the organizations which can contribute to improving skills for the uptake of Copernicus data and services by new users.
The survey focuses on the supply of academic and Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Europe in the space and geospatial sectors.


About eo4geo:
How to bridge the skills gap between supply and demand for education and training in the European space / geospatial sector? A hand to understand how to tackle the problem comes from the EO4GEO project, funded under the Erasmus + program, which includes 26 partners and 22 initial partners, including EARSC which will be leading the Skills strategy.