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EO User Service Next Generation Project (EO USNG)

Improving access to ESA Earth Observation Data and Products

You are probably a regular user of EOLI-SA or DESCW or in fact any of ESA’s alternative data ordering and search facilities. Do you find these services work well? If not, why not? A web forum is currently being set up at and will be available for you to access from 23rd January 2008. This allows you to discuss these issues where your inputs will make a difference, providing a unique opportunity for you as Users to help improve the way these services work for you. All you have to do is sign up and you will have direct access to the discussion forum where you can contribute to the definition of the future service. The web forum covers a wide range of topics including Data Ordering, Delivery, Data Options, User Accessibility and Innovative & Visionary Ideas.

The User Services Next Generation is an ESA project where the User’s needs and requirements are the key driver for improving and redefining the way ESA currently provides its data and services. The improvement of technologies, additional sensors and engaging new user communities are key motivators in defining the new service. ESA aims to increase user visibility of its services and wants to be challenged with a new innovative design that improves the systematic flow and widens the scope of its Earth Observation services.

This project is being undertaken by a consortium lead by ACS (Advanced Computer Systems S.p.A) in which NPA Group are coordinating the “Users” (potential customers) points of view and contribution of ideas. This feedback will culminate in a User Requirements Document which will ensure that the User’s points of view and needs are understood and subsequently fulfilled as far as possible in the new service.

The project team looks forward to your contribution, please leave your feedback.

For more information or any enquiries please contact:

Charlotte Bishop (User Services)
NPA Project Lead EO USNG
Nigel Press Associates Ltd
tel: +44 1732 865023

USNG Web Admin (Technical Web Access Issues)
Advanced Computer System
tel: +39 06 87090901