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EO certification workshop


To collect the views of the EO services industry and some of their main customers regarding an industry-wide certification scheme,

  • to agree or not on the need for a scheme and establish its scope
  • the key requirements based upon draft proposals
  • to determine steps towards its implementation


Certification implies that a company, a process or a service has been approved to a common, well-defined industrial standard. In any industry, certification and validation helps to reassure customers of the reliability of the product and is generally of most relevance for standard products and services. Certification can play a role in improving product quality and thereby getting users to trust the products and services helping to speed up customer acceptance of earth observation products. Certification can also play a role in reducing the cost of the earth observation products by introducing more streamlined processes

A study of a Quality Management System Certification scheme and/or a Product Certification Scheme has been issue by Hollidge Consulting Limited during 2011. This study should be used as reference background for the round table discussions. The workshop should provide an outcome input into the definition of scheme requirements and standards.


The workshop will bring together the key players from both EO service suppliers and customers. Each part of the EO service value chain will be represented; satellite operators, VA service providers, customers as well as other stakeholders; ESA, EC, EARSC. Representatives from customer sectors will include the O&G industry, insurance industry and the agriculture sector. The views of the various stakeholders will be presented representing differing needs at different stages of the value chain. Both institutional and commercial customers will present their views. The suppliers will be asked to present what they already do and working groups will be organised along thematic/market lines ie vertically, to examine the specific interests which will be presented to the workshop as part of a round table session. Conclusions will be drawn as to the next steps to be taken on the nature of the scheme, areas where pilot projects could be considered and linking activities between the various stakeholders.

Presentations have been now included at dropbox