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Eneco selects BMT ARGOSS to deliver accurate weather forecasts for its onshore and offshore wind production

BMT ARGOSS, a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, has secured a contract with Eneco, one of the leading energy companies in the Netherlands to deliver accurate wind forecasts for the Dutch energy provider’s onshore and offshore locations.

This service will allow Eneco to better anticipate changing conditions and adjust planning when necessary.

Generators of wind energy usually provide DNOs (Distribution Network Operators) with an estimate of the expected amount of energy they plan to produce over the coming days in order for the DNOs to be able to match consumption with the electricity produced. To help minimise the risk of being penalised for not meeting their obligations, companies such as Eneco need to ensure that their weather forecasts are as accurate and effective as possible by partnering with leading experts.

(Dr.) Hein Zelle, Project Manager for meteorology at BMT ARGOSS states: “No one can control the wind and therefore how much power a wind farm is capable of producing on any given day. We can however play an integral role inWin Farm Late ensuring that Eneco has greater confidence in predicting the power they will produce and maximising the selling price by providing accurate forecasting services, helping to reduce the level of uncertainty which is often associated with this type of energy production.”

With atmospheric models that have been extensively validated and calibrated against locally observed data, BMT ARGOSS will provide much finer and more detailed forecasting services to Eneco which will be delivered four times a day. A reliability estimate for each wind forecast is an integral part of the delivery.