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Within the execution of its functions, ESA regularly monitors and analyses the European space industry. Those studies are intended to provide information in support of ESA’s industrial, procurement and programmatic policies.

The Industrial Policy Division (Procurement Department, Directorate of Resources Management) intends to issue around October 2010 an Invitation To Tender in Open Competition, having as subject EUROPEAN SPACE INDUSTRY: ACTIVITY FORECAST.

The price range for the envisaged study is 200-300Keuro and the study should be completed by September 2011.

Companies from all ESA Member States may submit a bid.

The main objective is to study the evolution and perspectives of the European space industry and its main activity domains.

The starting point will be individual questionnaires completed by space companies, the analysis performed in the context of a parallel study, and the data and analysis from previous surveys of the European Space Industry, the latest covering 2003-2007.

The study activities will include the analysis, modeling of scenarios and estimation of the future evolution (range 10-15 years) of markets, funding, capacity, workload, industrial organization… affecting the situation of the European space industry and the national situation of each ESA Member State.

Forecasts, together with their respective assumptions and confidence, shall be produced on trends and their evolution, markets (accessible and total), workload (recurring, development, other activities), structural evolution and reorganizations.

The estimation should be made for the whole space sector, for each of its activity domains and address each of ESA’s member states.

The likely constraints under which the space industry will have to conduct its activities in the near-mid term shall be considered. The study shall conclude with reasoned recommendations on industrial, procurements and programmatic measures having as objective the improvement of the European Industry situation and a better balance of returns.

Source EMITS