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Elephant conservation in Tanzania

(2011-12-21) Metria works for WWF, with vegetation mapping and environmental monitoring in the Mtwara Development Corridor in Southern Tanzania. The keystone species of the area is the african elephant currently under great preassure due to increased poaching in the area.

Metria works for WWF on the design of a Wildlife Corridor and an environmental monitoring system in the Mtwara Development Corridor in Southern Tanzania. The monitoring schemes focus on the integrity of the Eastern Selous Niassa Wildlife Corridor, an important conservation goal in WWF’s strategy for the protection of elephants and forests in the Ruvuma wilderness. Metria have within the scope of the project reviewed various monitoring schemes in Tanzania and abroad. The project has resulted in a modified and customized approach for the monitoring of the Mtwara Development Corridor.

The approach blends a combination of field efforts with well as HR and VHR imagery classification combined with vegetation change analysis. Within the framework of the project a vegetation map of the protected areas for the Selous Niassa Wildlife corridor have been produced, greatly enhancing the knowledge base of the land cover in existing protected areas.

The project and the monitoring scheme was presented in November 2011 at the Masasi workshop, an annually occurring dialogue platform for government representatives and researches working with natural resource management in southern Tanzania.