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ELECNOR DEIMOS Imaging: Operational Remote Sensing

ELECNOR DEIMOS Imaging (DMI), which has been awarded the “Newcomer Earth Observation Operator of the Year” at Euroconsult’s Earth Observation Business Week in Paris in September 2013, is a private Spanish company specialized in complete end-to-end design, implementation, operation and commercial exploitation of Earth Observation Systems. DMI owns and operates the DEIMOS-1 multispectral satellite, with 22m GSD over a uniquely wide swath of 650 km, allowing rapid and multitemporal coverages of large areas. The company will add the new DEIMOS-2, a very-high resolution multispectral satellite with 75-cm pan-sharpened imagery, to its EO system by mid-2014.

ELECNOR DEIMOS Imaging (DMI) is a private Spanish company, whose mission is to become one of the world leading providers of Earth Observation data and remote sensing applications. DMI is the company devoted to Earth Observation within ELECNOR DEIMOS, the technology division of Elecnor, one of the largest Spanish industrial corporations. Specialized in the design, implementation, operation and commercial exploitation of Earth Observation Systems, DMI is focused to the development, generation and delivery of remote sensing products and services. DMI is also a reseller of data from third party missions, including UK-DMC2, RapidEye and the Kompsat 2/3/5 series. DMI has been awarded the “Newcomer Earth Observation Operator of the Year” at Euroconsult’s Earth Observation Business Week in Paris in September 2013.

ELECNOR DEIMOS Imaging owns and operates DEIMOS-1, the first Spanish Earth Observation satellite. Launched in 2009, it collects a 650km swath of 3-band, 22m resolution imagery. The DEIMOS-1 satellite, member of the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC), is among the world leading sources of high resolution data. DEIMOS-1 provides, among other things, yearly coverages of Africa to the European Copernicus programme, bimonthly coverages of US lower 48 states to the US Department of Agriculture for crop season monitoring, and monthly coverages of Spain to the Spanish government.

ELECNOR DEIMOS Imaging will add the new DEIMOS-2 satellite to its EO system by mid-2014. DEIMOS-2 is a very-high resolution, agile satellite capable of providing 4-bands multispectral and 75-cm pan-sharpened imagery, with a 12-km swath. The whole end-to-end DEIMOS-2 system has been designed to provide a cost-effective and highly responsive service to cope with the increasing need of fast access to very-high resolution imagery. Its ground segment, which includes three receiving/commanding ground stations in Spain and Norway, has been completely developed in-house by Elecnor Deimos.

Deimos1 & Deimos-2


24/7/365 Service: Highly responsive, reliable and fast service for rush tasking, delivery and processing of DEIMOS -1 and DEIMOS -2 satellites

Ground Receiving Stations: Direct and Virtual Receiving Stations available, providing easy, fast and cost-effective access to large amount of data obtained from high-frequency coverages.

Rental of satellite capacity: through tailored rental schemes, the user is provided direct access to the Mission Planning System, and can directly task the satellite.

Continent-wide, high-resolution coverages: DEIMOS-1 is optimized to generate high-resolution, frequent coverages over very large areas, such as countries or continents.

  • Powerful source of geo-information
  • Immediate availability
  • Framed to match your area of interest
  • Attractively priced
  • Fast integration into your GIS and Google Earth Enterprise solutions, fully compatible with your referenced databases
  • Ideal for land cover/use classifications and crop related studies

DEIMOS-1 2011 Mosaic of Sub-Saharian Africa

Very-high resolution imagery: the Kompsat-2, 3 and 5 and, from Q2 2014, the DEIMOS-2 satellite, provide a unique virtual constellation with both optical and radar satellites which assures frequent revisit of any spot on Earth, at different local times.

Tailored VAP Products and Services:

  • DEIMOS-1 Flood Mapping Services, including pre-flood imaging, emergency activations, post-flood imaging, retrieval of flood maps and corresponding statistics. Thanks to the large size of DEIMOS-1 images and its low revisit times, the status of a certain area can be evaluated before, during and after the flood event.
  • DEIMOS-1 Fire Mapping Services, including imagery prior, during and post the fire event, emergency activations, retrieval of fire maps and its statistics, and further recovery evolution on burn scars in the short and medium term periods.

Forest fire of La Jonquera, Spain, July 2012: DEIMOS-1 natural color and multiemporal imagery

  • Vegetation Indexes: including NDVI, SAVI, IPVI, MSAVI2, GEMI among others more ellaborated, like LAI and FPAR. Related to plant phenology, water balance, CO2 exchange and net productivity, they represent key vegetation biophysical properties.

DEIMOS-1 natural color image of irrigated crops in Corcoran, CA, June 2012


ELECNOR DEIMOS Imaging has gained a strong experience in product development and delivery to public and private customers worldwide. Among its main projects:

  • Provision of Deimos-1 data for USDA annual campaign in US. Biweekly coverage of the CONUS area with Deimos-1 and UK-DMC2 has been delivered to USDA during the 2011, 2012 and 2013 crop seasons, and used for the generation of crop type maps and crop monitoring services.

DEIMOS-1/UK-DMC2 coverages of the US during 2011 and 2012 crop seasons

  • Provision of cloud-free coverage of Africa with Deimos-1 for GMES/Copernicus Data Warehouse CORE Service. Deimos-1 data collected in 2011 and 2012, and covering all countries of Sub-Saharian Africa, has been delivered to ESA to be used in the frame of GDW.
  • Provision of Deimos-1 data for FARMSTAR service in France. DMI manages yearly a campaign to monitor the French agricultural areas with Deimos-1 and UK-DMC2, and delivers data to AirbusGeo which provides the FARMSTAR service to farmers nationwide.
  • ISAC, Information Service on Agricultural Change (FP7): set up of a service for crop monitoring, damage and risk assessment based on high resolution Deimos-1 and Landsat images. Demonstration countries are Spain, Belgium and Ethiopia. Target users are the insurance sector and the food security sector (micro-insurances and early warning).
  • AGRICAB (FP7): AGRICAB builds on Geonetcast, connecting satellite data and predictive models in the context of GEO (Group on Earth Observations).

Examples of DEIMOS-1 crop monitoring service

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