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EGI & Terradue: a better Cloud service for science

The European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) is proud to announce new agreement (SLA) between a group of EGI Resource Centres and Terradue Srl, a leading company in delivering e-Infrastructures for earth sciences. “Teaming up with a major European Cloud Computing provider through our Partner Programme is reinforcing the strategic evolutions of Terradue Cloud Platform” said Hervé Caumont, head of Terradue Platform Operations, “as this new capacity will support our users to run near real-time processing of satellite data acquisitions”.

Terradue was awarded by the European Space Agency technical lead role to develop and operate the cloud infrastructure supporting user communities on the geohazards and hydrology thematic exploitation platforms. Terradue Cloud Platform is designed to address the challenges traditionally associated with the handling of massive and complex data streams that can support thematic expertise (e.g. large earth observation datasets relevant to geohazards studies, or hydrological information collected from multiple models and data streams).

EGI has a mission to create and deliver open solutions for science and research infrastructures by federating digital capabilities, resources and expertise between communities and across national boundaries.

Thanks to the agreement, that will be valid for at least one year, Terradue will be able to access European cloud resources delivered by the following resource centres within EGI:

  • 100% IT (UK)
  • CESGA (Spain)
  • HG-09-Okeanos-Cloud (GRNET, Greece)
  • RECAS-BARI (Italy)
  • GoeGrid (Germany)

In total, the 6 resource centres offer more than 360 virtual CPU cores, 800 GB of memory and 10TB of storage.

Giuseppe la Rocca, Technical Outreach Expert at the EGI Foundation, facilitated the establishment of bilateral Service Level Agreements: “These agreements offer Terradue the possibility to use EGI resources for helping researchers to tackle new data challenges.”

Cesare Rossi, Manager of Cloud Computing Solutions at Terradue, also commented: “We are very happy to have Service Level Agreements established with They extend our hybrid cloud infrastructure using a new OpenNebula OCCI driver, and provide a reliable Cloud infrastructure for the ESA Thematic Exploitation Platforms users”.