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Editorial Winter 2009/2010

As chairman of EARSC I like to welcome you to the first edition of our earth observation magazine EOmag of 2010 but overall I like to wish you –also on behalf of all directors of EARSC- a very good business year 2010.

Dear EOMag readers,

In this edition of our magazine we will update you on the executed and planned activities of our Association. In the current edition you will find an interesting interview on GMES initial operations with Mr Francisco Gaztelu, Deputy Head of Cabinet of Vice-President Verheugen Enterprise and Industry at European Commission. At the members profile we have invited our member Spacemetric, Sweden to present their organization to our stakeholders.

2010 EARSC goal is to further help our members to expand and develop business outside the ‘traditional” governmental sector. In several market studies important export markets have been identified for the earth observation industry in and outside Europe. Therefore, EARSC would like to invite members to give their opinion on whether EARSC should organize a seminar on exports markets and if so what should be covered in this seminar. Please send your reaction to our Your valuable contribution is highly appreciated.

During 2009 we have informed you that EARSC will undertake an ESA study under the banner of eoVox2 with a view to carry key actions that were required in order to help foster the growth and development of the EO VA industry in Europe and Canada. Since this announcement EARSC directors have been quite active in getting the contract signed. I am pleased to announce that specific actions will start in 2010 to help our industry. More information on eoVox2 as well as on the status of the new secretary general will be prepared in dedicated website news.

In June 2009 EARSC had organized a very successful workshop on the oil and gas sector in Brussels. I am also very pleased to announce that EARSC is currently active involved in organizing a follow up workshop with the oil and gas industry and ESA for Autumn 2010. The main goal of this workshop is to bring the earth observation industry and the oil and gas industry together and identify business opportunities. More information on this workshop will soon be provided on our Website.

Finally, I like to inform our Members that our next Annual General Meeting is planned for 22 June 2010 in Brussels and we like to invite you to schedule this event in your agenda.
With my best wishes to you all and to our association!

With my best wishes to you all and to our association!

Han Wensink
EARSC Chairman

Please share with us any suggestions you may have for improving the usefulness of this bulletin.

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