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EDISOFT signed the new partner and reseller agreement with BlackBridge

In February 2014, EDISOFT signed the new partner and reseller agreement with BlackBridge.

For our company, this partnership represents more than a mere continuation of a similar agreement with the formerly known RapidEye, but is expected to enable EDISOFT to boost up its activities in the GIS markets both in and beyond Portuguese borders and to offer new earth observation based services to a variety of markets such as environment, forestry, agriculture etc. as well as public security and defence.

With a constellation of five Earth Observation satellites, BlackBridge’s RapidEye satellites image up to 5 million square kilometres of Earth every day and reached 5 billion square kilometres in its archive in January this year. Apart from its traditional offer relying on an unprecedented combination of wide area repetitive coverage and five meter pixel size multi-spectral imagery, the integration of RapidEye into the BlackBridge group has stimulated the inclusion of new value-added products into the portfolio, namely country mosaics, extended ortho suit products and very recently digital surface models from Intermap NEXTMapWorld 30 DSM.