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Earthcube raises €3 Million seed funding to accelerate growth

October 17, 2017. The French Startup Earthcube is thrilled to announce a €3 Million seed funding with 360 Capital Partners.

This first fundraising round will enable them to double down on their commercial efforts and to continue the development of their state of the art artificial intelligence technology.

A unique way to enable global monitoring.
Availability of satellite imagery is booming. With higher frequency, resolution and reduced costs, those images have become an unparalleled source of information to monitor operations across the planet. Earthcube mission is to enable our customers to benefit from the wealth of information hidden in this ocean of pixels.

Surveillance for customers with highest reliability requirements.
Created in 2016, Earthcube offers a deep understanding of its customers’ operations together with advanced artificial intelligence solutions to alert on actual threats. No more. No less. Their technology combines know how of remote sensing sciences together with deep learning and computer vision approaches developed originally for medical imagery.

Ambitious goals for the future.
Earthcube developed and implemented over the last year their technology to monitor infrastructures for customers from several industries. With this first financing round,they will double the size of the team to accelerate our commercial development and to develop additional applications.

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