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Earth Observation Broker – Energy

This ESA funded project will develop an EO broker application for the oil and gas sector

The consortium, consisting of Geocento, Kongsberg Satellite Services, Satellite Applications Catapult, EOmap, Jeobrowser and Globesar, are keen to ensure that they are engaged with the oil and gas community, so that the application is well aligned with industry needs, and with the EO service sector to ensure visibility of the service sector, with EARSC playing an important role in this respect.

The consortium are also looking to engage with specific individuals who would be willing and able to provide guidance on the requirements and design of the application, on behalf of the oil industry, on a regular but strictly time limited basis.

The application will be an interactive tool that enables industry users to explore how earth observation can be used in the industry, both to help extend the use of the technology across the industry, and to support existing users in making informed decisions about where, when and how the technology can contribute to activities and challenges.

The application will include useful technology such as multi-mission planning, access to image archive metadata, linked data and semantic search, but with much emphasis being placed on the use of techniques of design, search and visualisation that will make the tool intuitive and easy to use by those who do not necessarily have strong experience in earth observation.

The project will also build on previous work such as the EO4OG project outputs in terms of priorities and requirements. The application will be accessible via the OGEO portal and updates will be provided regularly via this portal.

Any individuals who would like to be involved in defining requirements for the application from within the oil and gas industry, or to find out more information, please contact Kim Charles Partington (kim.partington(at)