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Earth observation and the water cycle, Frascati, Italy

A conference entitled ‘Earth observation and the water cycle: towards a water cycle multi-mission strategy’ will be held from 18 to 20 November in Frascati, Italy.

Recent advances in Earth observation (EO) satellites have made possible improved global observations of several key parameters governing the global water cycle. In the coming years, an increasing number of EO missions will be launched by space agencies, enhancing our capacity to observe the Earth’s surface. The full exploitation of this capacity by scientific and institutional users requires coordinated research efforts to develop robust global and regional operational products using observation and modelling systems and data assimilation capabilities.

The specific objectives of this topical conference are: – to assess recent progress and uncertainties in the full range of water cycle observations: precipitation, soil moisture, clouds, evapotranspiration, water vapour, surface water and groundwater measurements as well as surface heat fluxes and the Earth radiation budget; – to identify the main needs and uncertainties in modelling and data assimilation from global to basin scales to improve our knowledge of water cycle science and our ability to quantify future changes in water cycle variables; – to advocate the challenges and opportunities in water cycle science in order to reduce uncertainties in water-related climate change impacts and adaptation strategies in water resources; – to consolidate a scientific roadmap outlining the main priorities for the development of robust global and regional geo-information data products, improved models and effective data assimilation systems.

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