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EARSC welcomes sixteen new Members!

Following a Membership Campaign, the EARSC Board is glad to welcome the
new Members in our Association.

Following a Membership Campaign, the EARSC Board is glad to
welcome the new Members in our Association. Members accept the Statutes
of the association and its political orientation as expressed through
the statutes adopted in 1989 in Brussels.

Within the EARSC scope and membership strategy, the Observer profile
has been approved during the last Board of Director Meeting in Brussels
(30/06/05). EARSC membership will be composed by full members (1) and
observer members (2)

(1) Any commercial European company or
partnership offering and undertaking consulting and contracting
services or supplying equipment in the field of remote sensing which is
based in a European Country which contributes to the European Space
Agency or which is a member of the European Community shall be eligible
for membership.

(2) Companies from countries associated to
European programs but not eligible for full membership. Any active
representative organization, institution or association party in the
field of Earth observation and not engaged in commercial or
profit-making activities such as Public/Governmental Bodies,
International Organisation, International Non Governmental Organisation
(NGO), Private Non Profit Organisation/Foundation,
Network/Association/Aggregation of Intermediaries(profit or non
profit), Business Association, Universities, other?) with interest in
Earth Observation.

On EARSC behalf, we are certain that all
the new Members will contribute actively to the aims of EARSC devoted
to the promotion of the Earth Observation Sector. Welcome!

  1. Aerodata International Surveys (Belgium)
  2. Aurensis (Spain)
  3. Control-Ware (Belgium)
  4. DNV-Der Norske Veritas (Norway) – Observer
  5. GMV S.A. (Spain)
  6. Kongsberg Spacetec AS (Norway)
  7. LATUV-Funge (Spain) – Observer
  8. Noveltis (France)
  9. RSI Inc (Switzerland)
  10. Spacedat s.r.l.(Italy)
  11. Spacemetric (Sweden)
  12. Tele-Rilevamento Europa TRE (Italy)
  13. TNO Space (The Netherlands) – Observer
  14. Vega Group PLC (United Kigdom)
  15. Vito nv (Belgium) – Observer
  16. VTT-IT (Finland) – Observer

(Credits EARSC)