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EARSC event: Industry's Role in GMES

EARSC and AAAF are pleased to announce a one-day workshop dedicated to the
subject of “Industry‘s role in GMES”.
The workshop is to be held in Paris on March 21st 2006.

The role of Industry in GMES and GEOSS
The GMES and GEOSS initiatives are complex ones where actors are numerous and where innovative approaches have to be taken in a wide variety of domains such as political, organisational, technical, economic and financial to name just a few. Since the 1998 Baveno Declaration, Industry has shown a strong interest in these initiatives and has supported the various steps of the elaboration of a European consensus. However it must be recognised that the real present and future role of industry at large in GMES and GEOSS has been little discussed.
Considering the fact that in a large part the success of GMES and GEOSS hinges on a proper and efficient role of industry, it is high time for industry to get together to evaluate the present situation, to make an overall assessment of GMES/GEOSS opportunities in terms of socio-economic and industrial terms as well as to study an action plan which would allow industry to play a role in insuring the success of these initiatives.
To achieve those objectives EARSC is organising on March 21st in Paris a workshop where all industrial actors will be able to exchange views and make recommendation to clarify and optimise the role of Industry. Those recommendations will be fed into the GMES GRAZ Symposium organised in April 2006 under the Austrian presidency of the European Union.
This workshop will take the form of four round tables as defined in the attached program. It is open to all European or non-European participants. It must be emphasised that attendance will be limited because of logistics accommodations and that quick registration is required to ensure participation.
Make sure that this event is included in your agenda!!! DEAD LINE: March 7th
Attendance is free for EARSC members while registration fee is 100 for non-members. This includes participation in the sessions, coffee breaks and access to the proceedings.
The workshop will be held in Paris on March 21st 2006 at EUROSITES, 28 Av. George V.
Preliminary programme
(Presentation & Round tables)
09h15: Welcome
09h30: Introduction to GMES status
09h45-10h15: Session 1
The Status of European EO Industry: Strong or weak?
Coffee Break
11h15-12h30: Session 2
The GMES Socio-Economic Benefits: Where are they?
Lunch Break
13h30-15h30: Session 3
European earth Observation Industry Evolution to foster GMES Socio-Economic Benefits: Can and should industry evolve?
Coffee Break
16h00-17h00: Session 4
Elaboration of Recommendations and Input for the Budapest workshop and GRAZ Symposium
Registration info to submit at EARSC
-Participation free for EARSC & AAAF members ( )
-100 Euro fee for non EARSC or AAAF members ( )
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- Surname
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