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EARSC welcomes new members

Since January, we are pleased to welcome the latest companies as EARSC members:

  • earth-i Ltd
    Earth-i supplies 1 metre resolution (GSD) optical satellite imagery and remote sensing products. “We supply very high resolution satellite images from the new DMC3 / TripleSat Constellation, consisting of 3 identical British multispectral
    optical satellites”
  • GEO4i
    Geo4i is specialized in geospatial data management, valorization of geospatial information and imagery analysis in the fields of defence and security. The expertise of Geo4i embraces different fields like imagery intelligence, geospatial intelligence, geospatial data management, data mining and open sources data.
  • Kapitech
    Kapitech is the polish subsidiary of Capital High Tech. This independent SME, space agencies’ partner, is serving EO data users, allying scientific research and project management of complex environmental systems.
  • Noveltis S.A.S.
    NOVELTIS, a French independent private company created in 1998, performs innovative scientific engineering studies and implements customised end-user solutions in the fields of Space, the Environment and Sustainable Development
  • PlanetObserver
    PlanetObserver products, including PlanetSAT satellite imagery, PlanetDEM elevation data and PlanetAIR aerial photography, are available off-the-shelf, ready to be integrated in any software and application
  • TerraSIGNA
    The TERRASIGNA applications represent innovative solutions for: risk assessment evaluation regarding the natural phenomena (flood, drought, landslides); environmental monitoring in areas affected by human activities (deforestation, underground mining, oil and gas extraction, CO2 storage); heavy infrastructure monitoring (urban areas, bridges, water dams, critical infrastructure like nuclear power plants); environment monitoring (wet zones, marine, etc.); state of the art applications for precision agriculture