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EARSC welcomes four new members!

Following a Membership Campaign, the EARSC Board is glad to welcome two New Companies in our Association: Eurosense s.r.o. Slovakia, Eurosense Romania SRL, Geoville Environmental Services Luxemburg, and GRAS in Denmark

On EARSC behalf, we are certain that new Members will contribute actively to the aims of EARSC enthusiastically involved in coordinating and strengthening the Earth-observation chain and promoting the European Earth observation industry.

The membership increase encourage us in the Board of Directors to continue to do our best to fulfill the tasks that you as members could expect of the association. On EARSC behalf, Welcome!

More information about new member at:

Eurosense Romania SRL

EUROSENSE ROMANIA SRL was established in 2004 in Bucharest, as the local branch of the EUROSENSE group of companies. The company participated in the execution of some of the largest aerophotography projects in Romania in recent years, using always state of the art equipment and technologies and delivering quality products to its clients in the Romanian public administration or to private companies.

Presently EUROSENSE ROMANIA SRL offers a wide range of services and applications in geodata acquisition, mapping, remote sensing and GIS, taking also advantage of the combined resources of the EUROSENSE group.

Our clients in Romania for photogrammetry and remote sensing are, among others: Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Environment, local administration.

Our headquarters are located in Bucharest, this giving us the possibility to have close contacts with all important clients in governmental and private sectors.

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Eurosense s.r.o., Slovakia

Eurosense s.r.o. is a 100% % subsidiary of the Eurosense Group. Was established in 1994 and is leading and largest photogrammetric production and services’ subject in Slovakia even compared to state institutes for over 15 years. Its prime focus is to address the local market , but in close cooperation with the other Eurosense subsidiaries also target the regional aspects that are cross-border .It has self-standing technical and production capabilities , but works in close synergy with the mother company.

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Geoville Environmental Services, Luxemburg

GeoVille Environmental Services is an internationally operating company in the field of Earth Observation for environmental purposes. Our services are merging sound EO and GI analysis techniques with what the information means for our environment.

We see our position along the value adding chain mainly at the start of the chain, i.e. user requirement analysis, and at the end of the chain, i.e. in quality assessments.

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GRAS, Denmark

Geographic Resource Analysis & Science A/S

GRAS provides innovative mapping products and solutions based on satellite images and aerial photographs. We specialise in environmental assessment, water resources and marine monitoring.

  • Environment: Impact assessment, mapping of land cover, forest cover and invasive species
  • Marine Monitoring: Daily monitoring of sediment spill, sea ice, algae and temperature
  • Climate Change: Mapping and monitoring impacts of climate change on local livelihoods and industries
  • Coastal Mapping: Mapping the trend of coastline movement 40 years back in time

GRAS is using information technologies for marine environmental monitoring and for natural resource management. Expertise and experiences cover a wide range of applications within the marine environment, water resources, agriculture and forestry. GRAS is associated with the University of Copenhagen and consequently always up-to-date with the latest technologies and methods.

These include the use of remote sensing data and methods, using geographical information systems (GIS) for assessment of marine parameters, mapping, analysis and compiling comprehensive spatial databases.

Capacity building is an essential part of our activities and we assist the implementation of projects through training. In this way the methods can be developed and costumised to match the actual needs of the client.

GRAS was created in October 2000 jointly by the University of Copenhagen and DHI. The company staff is complemented with the expertise and experience of key personnel from the Department of Geography and Geology, University of Copenhagen, within marine environmental assessment and monitoring, natural resource management and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GRAS is owned by DHI but remains a not-for-profit company; generated revenue is used for further research and development.

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