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EARSC/ESA: Survey of the European EO Services Industry Sector

EO Industry Survey goes live!

A detailed understanding of the Earth Observation sector and the trends is essential to help stakeholders to plan their activities and to assess the effectiveness of their actions. Industry has a strong interest to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is available.

EARSC in partnership with ESA is about to execute a survey to analyse the state of the EO Services Industry and to understand the issues that are important for its future. This will help inform ESA on the priorities for future EO value adding activities and pave the way for other stakeholder actions. It will provide critical data to help set budgets for EO research and development. It will enable EARSC to represent the industry in the most effective way.

The information collection phase will be starting soon. A web-based questionnaire will be sent to all companies believed to be active in providing or using geo-information containing some satellite data.

All European and Canadian EO service providers identified by the study team will receive an email notification from EARSC via Survey Monkey which will enable them to access the EO Survey. We estimate the total time for completion is about 15 minutes for the core survey.

The web-questionnaire will be followed by a limited number of phone interviews. Whilst the first is very focused on figures the second will be more subjective and opinion-oriented and we estimate will take around 30 to 45 minutes. We would like as many companies as possible to complete both surveys and are interested to hear from any company wishing to participate.

Active participation by the EO service industry is a critical component in ensuring that the survey can meet the objectives of furnishing a sufficiently comprehensive and accurate picture of the current industry status and health. These information will help also to identify priority issues, dominant opportunities, threats and other concerns facing the industry; therefore to have a clear picture about our sector!

If you wish to participate in the survey, or if you have any other questions regarding the survey, contact the following emails:
EARSC:Monica Miguel-Lago and
ESA:Ola Grabak

Thank you very much for your active participation,
EARSC secretariat