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EARSC Evolution & eoVox-2 Status

EARSC members will recall the successful eoVox-1 study conducted in 2006 by EARSC, with ESA support (Several of the outputs of that study helped to define the EARSC evolution strategy for 2007 and beyond )

In 2010-11, a set of follow-on activities is being undertaken by EARSC, again with support from ESA – this is eoVox-2
-Activities specified by EARSC and managed by the BoD
-These activities are designed to help EARSC strengthen and grow the European EO/RS value-adding sector, and continue EARSC’s evolution and growth strategy
-The activities are supported by funding from ESA, which enables EARSC to do things we couldn’t otherwise afford to do

eovox2 activities

-Horizon scanning taking a look at the ‘next big things’
-Industry position papers capturing the views of the industry
-Trade directory – “eoPages” to promote the service providers and services
-Promotional packages targeted at specific market sectors
-Trade missions to talk to key customers in those sectors

In support of these activities, we warmly encourage all EARSC members to come up with fresh ideas and input for EARSC to take forward. The EARSC secretariat will keep you informed of ways to get engaged in the process. Your active participation will add value to the association and bring greater benefit to all of our members and the industry as a whole.
eoVox2 will be organising a consultations that you might be interested to look at and participate. For more information please do not hesitate to contact