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EARSC co-chair at the 5th EU-Africa Business Forum

In the framework of the 5th EU-Africa Business Forum ending March, a round table with international organizations and private sector has been organised to discuss how to foster business opportunities in the use of space services in Africa. Han Wensink, the EARSC Chairman has co-chaired the session on “Fostering business opportunities in the Space Sector”.

There are certainly possibilities for cooperation in the space sector between Europe and Africa. The indications are also that this cooperation is likely to intensify in the years to come. The challenge now is to understand how to take full advantage of the possibilities that exist, and how to help improve the situation. The Round table served at agreeing on a private sector declaration to be submitted to the Summit.

African and European companies in the field of aerospace and satellite services have been be invited to participate taking the opportunity that the Forum represents an important occasion to discuss business opportunities on both sides.

EARSC has presented:

  • eoservicesAfrica handout
  • In Brief Stories (slides)- Africa.pdf
  • Speech Han Wensink for EABF,April1st2014