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EARSC certification scheme

EARSC launched a call for companies to test the Management Scheme System Documents. The call for proposals was closed in mid-November with more responses received than can be funded.

Three successful companies have been contacted by our certification expert, Peter Hollidge to follow the necessary steps in 2014 to implement the EARSC quality scheme and discussions are continuing to include a 4th company.

For the selected company wanting to develop a QMS and to be certified, those steps will include
i) a training on ISO9001 and its implementation,
ii) a briefing on the EARSC Guidance documentation and
iii) its implementation and assessment of the systems in place and the identification of the documentation that will be required.

While for the companies who already have the certification, the steps will cover aspects as
i) Training and Briefing on the requirements of the EARSC Scheme and approach to implementation for the Quality Manager and other key staff
ii) Supporting the organisation as needed in the review of the Guideline with respect to its implementation in the company
iii) Reviewing the results of any certification body assessment and
iv) Discussion with the company of comments and conclusions with respect to scheme documentation.

We plan to organise a 2nd certification workshop in the second half of 2014.