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Our last Annual General Meeting ending June has been marked by reporting the extensive upgrading of our organisational and working practices to support and respond to the increased expectations of our membership.

Extracted from ChairmanĀ“s report

… The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies is continuing its build up of presence in the European landscape of remote sensing and geo-information thanks to the work of its Working Groups and of the Board of Directors. This build up accompanies in particular the growth of concerns related to environmental and climatic issues in society. The challenge to stay in close connection with those topics, growing in number as well as in impact, is more and more complex.

EARSC is thus adapting in its structure and strategy to remain the number one representative of the European geo-information industry able to bring to the table all together the European industry experience, insight and recommendations. In this endeavor EARSC increases its links with European institutions, especially the European Commission and the European Space Agency, through well targeted actions toward future programs of importance for the industry. Among such key programs addressed in 2007 and 2008 are the expected GMES Downstream Services Call of the 7th Framework Programme and the ESA Earth Observation Work Plan for the coming Ministerial Conference of November 2008, in particular for what concerns market development and climatic change. All these topics carry a great potential of involvement of our members so our Board stays continuously tuned to the related developments.

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