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During SummerFP7 EAMNe t project has been launched to support the GMES-Africa initiative

The Europe-Africa Marine Earth Observation (EO) Network (EAMNet) project, funded under the space theme of the 7th Framework Programme (FP7), was launched on 20-21 July 2010 as one of the three projects supporting the definition and implementation of the GMES-Africa initiative. EUMETSAT participated to the kick-off meeting.

The 3-year project will seek to construct a network linking EO information providers, user networks and centres of excellence in Europe and Africa in the area of coastal and marine observations for sustainable development in Africa. The network will undertake capacity building and maintenance, and build upon existing infrastructure and expertise in Africa. The overall aim is to improve the exploitation of EO data for coastal and oceanic monitoring for an Africa-wide observation system, Global Ocean Observing System in Africa (GOOS-Africa). The project will provide an interface between European GMES-related core and downstream services, and research and development projects (notably MyOcean) and African initiatives like African Monitoring of the Environment for Sustainable Development (AMESD) with the emerging GMES-Africa initiative.

The project’s consortium is composed of ten partners in Africa and Europe, coordinated by the Plymouth Maritime Laboratory (PML) in the UK.

Thanks to EAMNet, some MyOcean products (GMES Marine Core Service), essentially ocean colour data, will be available operationally in near-real time to African users. These data and products will complement operational oceanography data already available through EUMETCast.

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