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DRAXIS expands its activities into the field of Earth Observation

Downstream applications for the agricultural sector that make agricultural advisory services accessible, affordable and easy-to-use.

Founded in 2000 in Greece, DRAXIS focuses on providing Environmental Consulting Services, Solution Development and Implementation & Management of Environmental Technologies.

Our steadfast dedication to new technologies, in conjunction with our active involvement in National and European Research Projects, enables us to provide high quality services and technological standards. We are passionate about implementing the latest and the most advanced technologies when tackling Environmental issues with an impact on the operations of a large number of industries. We provide whole life cycle support to such projects, covering the whole range from initial requirements, development, and implementation to management and maintenance.

Through the combined use of Environmental Databases and Software, our clients can achieve substantial improvements in all aspects of their work. As a result of our R&D activities and expertise we have acquired extensive knowledge in the following segments/sectors:

  • Software and ICT tools for Specific Scientific Fields, such as Precision Agriculture Technology and Farm Management Services, Numerical Weather Prediction, Air Pollution, GIS, Solar and Wind Energy, Climate change.
  • Policy Making Tools, such as Strategic Decision Support Systems, Operational Workflow Systems, Dissemination Tools, Target Oriented Portals, etc.
  • European Funding Programmes for Specific Scientific Areas.
    While DRAXIS has long-standing experience in the GIS sector, in 2015 it expanded its activities into the field of Earth Observation by developing downstream applications for the agricultural sector. DRAXIS is the coordinator of two H2020 European funded projects, namely APOLLO and RECAP.

Making agricultural advisory services accessible


The APOLLO project aims at developing an information system that will offer a set of farm advisory services based on Earth Observation data. These services will be available through a user-friendly website and mobile application and will be targeting primarily (but not exclusively) small farmers, as well as farmers’ associations and agricultural consultants. Free and open EO data from Copernicus missions Sentinel-1 and 2 will allow APOLLO services to be offered at a low cost, while, at the same time, the high temporal and spatial resolution of data enables services to be useful for a broad range of different crop types. APOLLO services will be validated in an operational environment at three pilot areas in Greece, Serbia and Spain.

Reinforcing CAP with remote sensing


The RECAP project aims at developing improved remote monitoring of CAP obligations and at supplementing in-field inspections by Payment Agencies. The overall objective is to develop and pilot test a platform for the delivery of public services so as to enable improved CAP implementation.

RECAP will be a cloud-based SaaS platform capable of collecting information from open satellite data and commercial channels of satellite data providers. It will extract useful features from earth observation, correlate them with user-generated and geo-information data and model this information so as to enable identification of potential breaches of compliance.

RECAP services will be tested and validated in an operational environment in the UK, Spain, Greece, Lithuania and Serbia, with the participation of farmers, agricultural consultants and public authorities. RECAP aims at offering farmers a tool to help them comply with regulations and enable agricultural consultants to develop their own services within the platform, via tools and communication with the database using an open approach. Paying agencies will benefit because of less administrative work while enhanced transparency is ensured in CAP monitoring procedure.

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