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DMCii – expanding the use of daily Earth Observation through reliable, high temporal imaging from constellations of medium, high and very high resolution satellites.

DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) is one of the world’s fastest growing satellite imagery products and services providers. Based in the UK, we have customers in 100 countries around the globe, supplying both programmed and archived optical satellite imagery from the multi-satellite Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC).

We supply imagery for a wide variety of applications, including agriculture, forestry and environmental mapping as well as providing free satellite imagery for humanitarian use in the event of major international disasters as a member of the International Charter ‘Space and Major Disasters’.

Further growth in DMCii services offers new 2.5m imagery; whilst three new satellites are due to provide daily 1m imaging in 2015.

DMCii kicks off 2013 with a move to larger dedicated facilities, and is investing heavily in developing new ways to allow our customers to rapidly procure and receive our imagery through ever higher temporal resolution imaging services.

Mapping the urban sprawl

DMCii’s VHR service offers competitively priced high quality true 2.5m panchromatic and 5m multispectral imagery from NigeriaSat-2.

The NigeriaSat-2 satellite provides rapid response high resolution imagery at a very competitive price. DMCii supplies 20×20km images, or can acquire up to 80×80km in area mode in a single pass. For mapping larger areas, along track imaging up to 200km is possible, enabling rapid coverage of larger areas.

NigeriaSat-2’s 2.5m resolution imagery incorporates the latest developments in geometric calibration and high accuracy geo-location, providing accurate metre-level mapping that can be used to distinguish individual buildings and roads.

Imagery is delivered as L1R product, with geospatial accuracy of a few pixels enabling end-users to rapidly orthorectify to their own reference data.

This has proved an indispensible resource to Nigeria for national land use monitoring and the planning of new infrastructure to meet the requirements of a burgeoning urban population. The satellite also provides data continuity with its 350km wide swath 32m 4-band multi-spectral imagery, as part of the DMC.

For mapping landscapes or urban clutter, stereoscopic pairs are also available.

Contact DMCii at to discuss your VHR imaging needs.

New York City, USA. NigeriaSat-2 Image © NASRDA, 2012. All rights reserved.

Salt Lake City Airport, USA at 2.5m resolution. NigeriaSat-2 Image © NASRDA, 2011. All rights reserved.

Maximising crop yields with precision

DMCii’s high revisit, wide area, 22m multispectral satellite imagery provides a detailed view of farm and field that has proved a highly-valued tool for agricultural services and farmers in pinpointing variations in crop growth and condition.

This allows farmers to gain significant yield and cost benefits from variable rate application of fertiliser or crop protection. Because the DMC satellites are operated together as a constellation, they offer much more timely data than a single satellite, delivering rapid revisit opportunities every 1-2 days.

The aim is to maximise crop yield and quality while minimising production costs and environmental impact. For over eight years DMC data has been utilised by specialist precision agriculture companies for this purpose and our data is approved by the US Department of Agriculture which, since 2011, has used DMC 22m data for high temporal monitoring of agriculture in all 48 conterminous States.

The Fen, Cambridgeshire. UK-DMC2 Image © DMCii, 2010. All rights reserved.

Tracking global deforestation

A constellation of Earth observation satellites gives DMCii the unique capability to survey and image vast areas of land and to monitor changes rapidly. DMCii has been employed by the Brazilian Government since 2005, helping the authorities to quantify deforestation in the Amazon Basin and pro-actively intervene to deter illegal logging. Brazil has cut deforestation rates by 78% since 2004 and satellite data has played a significant role in this. The Brazilian Space Agency receives imagery directly broadcast from our UK-DMC2 satellite at its ground station in Brazil which is made available through its website enabling the general public to follow progress against deforestation.

Mato Grosso, Brazil. UK-DMC2 Image © DMCii, 2012. All rights reserved.

DMCii provided high-frequency imagery of Argentina for use in Geodan’s Earthwatchers crowdsourcing platform. Earthwatchers gave students an active part in stopping deforestation by giving them each access to DMCii imagery of an area of forest to monitor for changes. Due to the frequency and transparency of DMCii imagery, and the ability to monitor vast areas through crowdsourcing, Greenpeace Argentina successfully lobbied the local government to halt deforestation and protect the forest.

In September, DMCii launched a ground-breaking project with support from the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, to provide more accurate and reliable information about land carbon storage and how it changes over time. This initiative will provide scientifically validated carbon market intelligence and an automated Monitoring, Verification and Reporting (MRV) system to help organisations in their efforts to reduce deforestation and degradation. This system is designed for use in supporting REDD+ initiatives and aims to significantly reduce the transaction costs incurred in trading forest based carbon.

Daily 1m imaging service

DMCii also pioneers a VHR capacity leasing service, whereby our customers can lease image capacity from a DMCii-owned and operated satellite. Under this system, customers can carry out planning and tasking without the complexity associated with procuring and operating a satellite constellation.

In 2011, DMCii signed a £110m deal with Beijing-based company 21AT, to lease 100% of the imaging capacity of three high-resolution satellites that are to be launched into a new Earth Observation constellation “DMC3”. The DMC3 satellites are being built by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) and will provide daily revisit with 1m panchromatic and 4m multi-spectral imagery. The use of the constellation will allow rapid imaging and revisit to effectively monitor the phenomenal rate of urban development in China’s cities.

The daily 1m service will be commercially available worldwide and, through DMCii, you can secure your data supply prior to launch of the system in 2014.

Fire in the Niger Delta, Bayelsa, Nigeria. UK-DMC2 Image © DMCii, 2012. All rights reserved.

DMCii is a wholly owned subsidiary of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, and part of EADS Astrium NV.


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