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DigitalGlobe changes the rules for world imagery

Imagine getting the precision world images you need faster and more affordably than ever before. Now you can!

Ours are the only satellites tasked to build a complete library of images in anticipation of your needs (in addition to custom tasking).

We have built a library of current satellite and aerial images ready and waiting for your next request. Our vast ImageLibrary today contains over 350 million sq km of the highest resolution imagery. And the DigitalGlobe constellation collects new world images at an unprecedented rate adding over five million sq km to the library every week.

That’s why we can offer guaranteed coverage with regular refresh commitments for the places around the globe where we live, work and play—all of the major cities worldwide, coastlines, ports and harbors, country borders, airports, oil basins and more. And if you need to compare a current image with one taken earlier to detect changes, we have the historical images too.

All this is immediately available in a format that works for you: Choose delivery online or offline, connect directly to your GIS software, or incorporate our images into your online or mobile applications.

The most advanced constellation

We own and operate the most agile, accurate and sophisticated constellation of high resolution earth imagery sensors. In fact, with our QuickBird and WorldView-1 satellites, we offer the best imagery available for commercial use.

Check out why image professionals worldwide rely on DigitalGlobe as their go-to-source for earth imagery — Download our free whitepaper, “DigitalGlobe Imagery Standards” or view sample imagery.

You can count on DigitalGlobe to have the images you need, in a format that works for you. And get premium imagery immediately without having to pay premium tasking prices.

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