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DHI GRAS Project "Wetlands Monitoring with Earth Observation Data" Selected by GEO Secretariat

GEO Secretariat helped the GEO community to organize and respond to the Call for Collaborative Data Innovations launched by the Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) and the World Bank last year.

Recently the result was announced. Ten projects were funded and DHI GRAS together with the University of Twente and the European Space Agency have been funded to develop a project on Wetlands Monitoring with Earth Observation Data. The Lead Organization is Ramsar Center for Eastern Africa and the location will be Uganda.

The objective of this activity is to explore the potential of earth observation (EO) satellite data for taking stock of and monitoring wetlands, a vital component of the global water resources ecosystem. This activity will pilot design and development of a user friendly digital system for use by the Ugandan Ministry of Water and Environment, to enable national authorities to generate spatial time series statistical data for taking inventory and monitoring national wetland resources train the government on its use and produce a roadmap for scaling to other countries of East Africa. This is a unique attempt to demonstrate the potential of satellite-derived EO data to provide a full national wetland inventory in Uganda, which has been a pilot country for monitoring of SDG Target 6.6.

Source: GEO secretariat and EO4SDGs Initiative.