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DEIMOS Satellite Manufacture Started

Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) based in Guilford (UK) has started manufacturing key elements of the satellite it will launch next year on behalf of Deimos Imaging, S.L.

The satellite incorporates many enhancements over the previous DMC series, effectively starting a new series with a platform based on current technologies. For example, the power system has been increased in capacity and reliability using the experience gathered on Giove-A and other on-going projects.
Attitude Control System has also been re-designed in some areas to account for operational experience with currently-flying satellites. However, many components are still reused from previous DMC satellites which allows manufacturing to start early.
Manufacturing of power, on-board data handling, radio communications and propulsion systems has been started owing to this long heritage. The much-enhanced imager, with optical qualities well above current DMC satellites, will be started soon once the redesign work has been finished and reviewed.
Preliminary Design Review for the project was held successfully end-November, with Critical Design Review scheduled for mid-February. The project is running with a very tight schedule but there are no critical issues and it is expected that full integration of the spacecraft bus and the imager payload will be started well before Summer.
At the same time, Deimos Imaging and LATUV are developing a series of products and services specifically tailored for agriculture, forest, land use, environment, hydrology, monitoring natural resources and disaster monitoring. These use NASA and ESA multispectral images and DMC imagery available already, and will seamlessly be compatible with the data that the company‘s satellite will provide next year.
Contact: Pedro Duque, Director General
Credits: DMC and Deimos Imaging SL