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Deimos Space UK and MBRSC co-operate on DubaiSat & DEIMOS-2 image applications project

Harwell, June 05 th 2015- Deimos Space UK Ltd and MBRSC (Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre) are pleased to announce that they plan to proceed with a project co-funded by MBRSC and the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Space Programme (IPSP).

The project ‘SAFIY’ (Smart Application for Feature extraction & 3D modelling using high resolution satellite Imagery) will use Earth Observation (EO) data to monitor, and detect changes in vegetation, water, road networks and buildings in support of the Dubai “smart government” initiative.

This project will develop mapping applications that utilise DubaiSat-2 and DEIMOS-2 high resolution optical data to improve the efficiency and accuracy of many routine tasks carried out by Government agencies. Safiy represents the co-operation and friendship that this project can bring to the organisations working together in Dubai and the UK.

Miguel Bello, Group CEO of Elecnor Deimos, commented “this project is an excellent opportunity for the UK and Dubai to forge closer links in the exciting domain of satellite applications. Elecnor Deimos is committed to ensuring that the project will have a successful outcome for both the UK and Dubai, in line with the aims of the UK Space Agency’s IPSP programme. Elecnor Deimos sees many other opportunities to make use of the technology being developed in the SAFIY project for the benefit of other regions around the world”

Deimos Space UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elecnor Deimos created in 2013 to address the UK and export market for space systems, services and applications. Deimos provides complete solutions to customers all around the world with a portfolio of EO products including data from two satellites, DEIMOS-1 (22 m resolution) and DEIMOS-2 (75 cm resolution). Typical applications include: products and services for agriculture, forestry, disaster monitoring, land use, surveillance, intelligence, etc.

The MBRSC was created and established by the Dubai Government in 2006 to drive the vision for a knowledge economy in the UAE and support advancing sustainable development. The institution is integral to the strategic initiative put in place by the government to inspire scientific innovation, technological advancement, and to advance sustainable development in Dubai and the wider UAE.

Salem Al Marri, Assitant Director General for Scientific and Technical Affairs, MBRSC stated “The ‘SAFIY’ project is indeed an example of cooperation between two countries to further develop the space & satellite sector. It will also test our capabilities to ensure that we are at the peak of our industry, along our partners in the UK, building on the technology we have in place to date. MBRSC is the leader in Earth observation satellite technology in the Middle East and as such must be involved in such advanced partnerships with international entities to continue being positioned as leaders in satellite applications in the region“

MBRSC aims to develop the scientific skills and knowledge of Emiratis. It is mainly involved in outer space research and development; satellite manufacturing and systems development; space imaging; and ground station services and support for other satellites. MBRSC will oversee preparations and implementation of all phases of the UAE probe exploration mission to Mars. MBRSC is working on all projects related to science and applications of satellites, as well as other advanced technology projects.

IPSP was launched by the UK Space Agency in November 2014 as a two-year £32 million programme designed to enable UK satellite and other space sector companies to develop international partnerships for mutual benefit.

The agreement between the UK Space Agency and Deimos was signed by David Parker, CEO of the UK Space Agency and Philip Davies, Managing Director of Deimos Space UK Ltd. The signing took place at the Global Space & Satellite Forum (GSSF) in Abu Dhabi and was witnessed by Chris Lee, Head of International Space Policy at the UK Space Agency and Salem Humaid AlMarri, Assistant Director General, Scientific & Technology Affairs at the MBRSC.

Source: Deimos Space UK Ltd and Deimos Space SP