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Deimos Imaging: Launch of Deimos-1 successful

A new era in operational Earth Observation was started by the launch 29. July of Deimos-1 and UK-DMC2 from Baikonur aboard a Dniepr rocket. The new satellites provide a manyfold increase in the capacity of the Disaster Monitoring Constellation and are capable of commercial, high-volume, image deliveries that are unprecedented for this class of radiometric and spatial resolutions.

The calibration of Deimos-1 instrument and the fine-tuning of the platform are well underway and it is foreseen to enter full operational capability during October. The quality of the instrument, specially designed for this satellite generation, is very high. Its focus quality, radiometric quality, and general system stability surpasses expectations and ensures years of sustained operations with imagery that leaves far behind Landsat in the radiometric bands principally used for agriculture and environmental applications.

Deimos-1 is born with a decided commercial vocation, and the company has been preparing applications for years, which are now ready for delivery as soon as operational capability starts. The Northern download station in Svalbard, in cooperation with KSAT, is ready and represents a guarantee of delivery that minimises memory bottlenecks in case demand for imagery is high.

Sample imagery taken from Deimos-1 satellite can be browsed at our web site, click on Deimos-1 Images on the left panel

Announcement of Opportunity

Deimos Imaging has opened a call for ideas for researchers to perform studies using Deimos-1 Imagery. Details are also on the main web page. As a summary, this is a call for researchers to use imagery from Deimos-1 in a Category-1 scheme, free of charge, to create new applications or do research in fields that are opened by the new class of satellites and instruments.

Deimos Imaging web site
Launch video