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DEIMOS-1 and DEIMOS-2 are now part of ESA’s Third Party Missions

The Spanish satellites DEIMOS-1 and DEIMOS-2 are now available for scientific research and application development projects, as part of the European Space Agency’s Third Party Missions programme.

Since August 2016, both Deimos Imaging’s satellites DEIMOS-1 and DEIMOS-2 are part of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Third Party Missions (TPM) fleet. Hence, access to their full archive and new tasking data are offered free of charge for scientific research and application development.

The TPM programme has been in effect for over 35 years and it is funded under ESA’s Earthnet activity. Earthnet is a cornerstone in ESA’s Earth Observation (EO) actions. It ensures international cooperation and it supports the scientific user community for EO data in Europe by providing access to a large portfolio of non-ESA international missions via standardised interfaces. The data collections are distributed under specific agreements with the owners or operators of such missions, respecting the data policy of each of them. Now, all the data captured by DEIMOS-1 and DEIMOS-2 are also available upon submission of a project proposal.

DEIMOS-1 was successfully launched on 29 July 2009 from the Baikonur Launch Complex (Kazakhstan) in the Russian-Ukrainian Dnepr launcher. It provides 22m/pixel multispectral imagery with a very wide (650-km) swath, assuring very-high-frequency revisit on large areas, especially tailored for agriculture, forestry and monitoring applications in mind.

DEIMOS-2 is a very-high resolution (VHR) multispectral satellite which produces 75-cm pan-sharpened imagery and 3-m multi-spectral images with a 12-km swath that can be increased to 24 km in its wide-area mode. DEIMOS-2 is also capable of acquiring single-pass stereo pairs, which allows creating 3D models of the imaged area. Launched on 19 June 2014, it is the first Spanish Earth Observation VHR satellite and the highest-resolution fully private satellite in Europe.

Deimos Imaging
Deimos Imaging, a subsidiary of the Canadian UrtheCast Corp., is a private Spanish provider of Earth Observation products and solutions, headquartered in Tres Cantos (Madrid) and with satellite control and processing facilities in Boecillo (Valladolid) and Puertollano (Ciudad Real).


Oil fires near Qayyarah, Iraq. DEIMOS-1 image acquired on January 5, 2017.

Agricultural structures in Kansas, USA. DEIMOS-2 image acquired on February 20, 2016 for precision agriculture applications.

Ju’aymah bulk plant, Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia. DEIMOS-2 image acquired on December 19, 2016.