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Critical Software depicts its insights on Competitive Intelligence

Critical Software will take part in the conference “Competitive Intelligence – A Strategic Solution”, to be held on January 17th, around 18h00, at the Military Academy (Auditorium 9), in Lisbon, Portugal.

The newly appointed Chairman of Critical Software, Gonçalo Quadros, will represent the company and focus his keynote speech on “Competitive Intelligence – The Role of Companies “.

“Someone once said ‘It is pardonable to be defeated, but never to be surprised.’ The only companies that don’t need competitive intelligence are those with no competition. In a world of hyper-competition (lower barriers to entry, global marketplace, customer focus, etc.), few companies can abstain from some form of competitive intelligence. Even if you don’t have competition, competitive intelligence will generate numerous benefits: early warning systems, more accurate forecasting, business development, market research, due diligence, among others”, states Gonçalo Quadros.

Competitive Intelligence tries to identify, analyze and deliver information on products, clients and competitors in order to support decision making and the organization’s strategic positioning. In a time of crisis, Competitive Intelligence is a central strategy for companies and other organizations that want to consolidate their value and strengthen their position in global markets.

CIIWAC aims at promoting the research, the debate and the dissemination of knowledge about Competitive Intelligence and the Information War, particularly with the view of making it applicable for economical and social development purposes.