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CRCSI releases white paper to turn spatial data into knowledge platform

Australia and New Zealand CRC for Spatial Information (CRCSI), released the White Paper Towards a Spatial Knowledge Infrastructure to position new knowledge concepts across the emerging digital economy.

Towards a Spatial Knowledge Infrastructure White Paper proposes a Next Generation Spatial Knowledge Infrastructure that moves the agenda from more traditional Spatial Data Infrastructure concepts, to automatically creating, sharing, curating, delivering and using knowledge (including the data and the detailed analytics that produce the information products) in support of the emerging digital economy and the rise of spatially-aware and equipped citizens.

The key challenges the White Paper presents are moving our current approach from bespoke systems to automated systems, from expert to non-expert users, from data as a descriptor to information as a predictor, from post-analysis to real time analysis, and from simple quality descriptors to full warrantability.

“Within the next five years new technologies and growing user demands will render current approaches to spatial data infrastructures inadequate”, said Kylie Armstrong, White Paper co-author, CRCSI.
“Becoming semantically enabled is the next step towards more streamlined data supply, more versatile and usable information and automated spatial analytics for knowledge creation and discovery”.

This will be a time of transition that requires innovation and new practices in government and the private sector to allow the power of emerging technologies to meet the future demand of users.

This movement from information data to fit-for-purpose knowledge will drive new activities across the economy, including smarter transport networks, responsive and resilient cities and intelligent infrastructure planning.

“The rapidly changing requirements of users, the growing role of industry in the knowledge economy, and the innovation policy agendas of Government are placing demands on the way we manage our spatial data and analytics. This paper is designed to stimulate a discussion to accelerate the development of the next generation of spatial infrastructure” says Dr Peter Woodgate, CEO, CRCSI.

The White Paper is authored by Professor Matt Duckham, Dr Lesley Arnold, Kylie Armstrong, Dr David McMeekin and Darren Mottolini and highlights the case for change and maps the journey that will help realise the creation of the Spatial Knowledge Infrastructure.

To access the White Paper, use this link