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EARSC contribution to the Copernicus Value Chain Workshop

Summary report and reference materials from the Copernicus Value Chain workshop, 26-27 April 2016, are now available online and EARSC contributions

EARSC at Copernicus Value Chain Workshop

  • You will find bellow links to EARSC representatives’ presentations delivered during the two-day workshop at the following link
  • In addition, our Secretary General, Geoff Sawyer has written a blog on his perception of the workshop that you may find at this link.

Interviews from the workshop ©EC

The main focus of the Copernicus Value Chain Workshop was to develop a clearer view of the Copernicus ecosystem so as to properly identify the barriers to entry and key enablers for market uptake. The meeting gathered a mix of representatives from the Copernicus ecosystem, actors from the ICT industry and potential end users.

IT and EO players discussed the improvement of the Copernicus data access and EU institutions acknowledge the role of the private sector in this respect. The market uptake will not happen without private sector involvement and the need for complementarity and clear boundaries between public and industrial initiatives has been reasserted.

An interview with Andreas Veispak, Head of Unit – Space Data for Societal Challenges and Growth at the European Commission filmed during the Workshop is avilable below

Thibaud Delourme, Policy Officer at DG Grow explaining the context of the workshop and the challenges the Space Data for Societal Challenges and Growth Unit is confronted to.

Chetan Pradhan, CGI, EARSC Vice chairman exposing the industrial perspective.

Download the workshop report