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Conclusions and recommendations: Renewable energy: Added-value of satellite solutions for SMEs

Eurisy, 11 Sept. 2012. Graz, Austria.

In the context of the Europe 2020 energy targets and the increasingly competitive market for renewable energies, this one-day conference was the opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn about innovative and operational satellite applications for the estimation of the energy potential of renewable sources (sun, wind, biomass, water), the optimisation of supply chains and the remote monitoring of energy production plants.

Discussions on the day highlighted that, in order to be able to identify, implement and benefit from operational satellite applications, SMEs need to have access to readily available and concise information about how these applications can help them adapt to business challenges, as well as convincing business cases. SME representatives encouraged policy makers and the space community to extend the dialogue with end-user SMEs in order to bridge the gap between satellite service development and SMEs’concrete business needs and challenges.Entrepreneurs experienced in the use of satellite applications shared their good practice examples, and participants could network with providers of satellite solutions, policy makers and SME representatives.

To complement the debate on operational satellite applications and their benefits, the conference also provided information about existing national and European support mechanisms, ranging from business matchmaking over organisational support to dedicated funding mechanisms.

The conference was co-organised by Eurisy, FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency and ICS – Internationalisierungs Center Steiermark, and was held in the premises of the Economic Development Institute in Graz (Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut Steiermark/WIFI).