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Concept Paper: Industry-led Repository of Open Source. Resources for Geospatial Data Exploitation

In the context of ESA’s “EO-Innovation Europe” vision, which has been shared with EARSC and which aligns very well with EARSC EO Marketplace initiative, we have elaborated the following concept paper

In order to ensure that maximum benefit is derived for the whole community (public and private, institutional and industrial) from the many investments being made, it would be a significant advantage if the suite of software tools and components developed for geospatial data exploitation were to be made freely and openly available as open source (OS) for others to download and reuse, and for them to add their own enhancements and publish these back to the community.

Such an approach is elaborated at the following position paper.
With this concept paper, we seek to sound out all stakeholders, covering both the scientific/institutional sector and industrial/private sector (including EARSC members and non- members) to determine whether there is interest in EARSC establishing and managing such an open source repository on behalf of the whole community, making it accessible to all stakeholders in a free and open way.

EARSC Open Source Concept Paper 01Jun2016.pdf

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