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Collaboration Specim and Airborne Technologies

September 21, 2009 SPECIM, Spectral Imaging Ltd. (Oulu, Finland), a leading provider of Hyperspectral Imaging sensors and Airborne Technologies GmbH (Wiener Neustadt, Austria) have agreed about collaboration which aims at providing the airborne remote sensing market with turnkey multiple sensor platforms.

Specim’s role in the collaboration is to provide high performance hyperspectral sensors for the platforms. Spectral information is used to categorize and analyze target and its condition in great detail in growing range of applications, inluding environmental monitoring, forestry, farming, and geological surveys.

Airborne Technologies’s integrates hyperspectral imaging with other sensors, like a laser scanner and digital camera. Installation can take place on different kinds of platforms. Fusions of hyperspectral imaging with topographic information from the laser scanner is becoming a powerful technigue in forest mapping, land use and urban planning, and prompt monitoring of large scale natural disasters or guiding the rescue operations.

“Through this collaboration, SPECIM and Airborne Technologies can supply their customers with complete multi-sensor platforms, as well as training and support in their operation. The customer will be immediately ready for efficient data collection and application work” said Timo Hyvärinen, Managing Director of SPECIM.

About Airborne Technologies

Airborne Technologies has an extensive experience in integrating instrumentation in various aircrafts, and taking care of the required certification processes. Airborne Technologies also provides data collection and processing services by utilizing multisensor platforms. For more information please visit

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Mario Rathmanner
Chief Operating Officer
phone +43 664 88453023


SPECIM, Spectral Imaging Ltd, Finland, is a world leading manufacturer of innovative hyperspectral imaging instruments and technologies, known for their high performance and best value on the market.

SPECIM provides ImSpector imaging spectrographs, Spectral Cameras, and the SISU series of Hyperspectral Imaging Scanners to rapidly growing industrial and scientific clientele. These products are used in a broad range of demanding applications, like color inspection, chemical imaging, process analytical technologies (PAT), life sciences, forensics, security and military applications. SPECIM’s AISA series of airborne Hyperspectral sensors provides market leading remote sensing solutions, from small UAV systems to full featured commercial, research and military remote sensing tools. For more information, please visit

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Dr. Katja Alanko-Huotari,
Product Manager,
phone +358 10 4244 408

Mr. Harri Karppinen
Sales Coordinator
phone +358 10 4244 436