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CLS, Route du Rhum 2006 partner, equips all yachts with Argos transmitters

CLS tracks, the 74 competitors of the Route du Rhum 2006, during the entire race.
Each yacht is equipped with a MAR YX transmitter

This transmitter is the first
component of the Argos system including a constellation of 6 satellites, 40 antennas
and 5 data processing centers. The Argos tracking beacon transmits regular
messages which enables locating the equipped yachts. Thanks to this location, the
race Organisation can establish the ranking but also improve skippers’ safety at sea.
CLS ensures, for the fifth time, yacht tracking for this race. CLS, worldwide leader of
data collection and location by satellite provides and check personally the installation
of all waterproof and autonomous transmitters on each yacht. The Argos tracking
beacon transmits a message to satellite which sends it to land antennas. Then this
message is received by CLS processing centers, operational 24h a day, 365 days
per year. The center, bases in Toulouse, decodes the messages and delivers results
to the organisation.
CLS,a subsidiary of CNES (French Space Agency), Ifremer (French Research
Institute for Exploration of the Sea) and several French financial institutions, offers
satellite services in location and data collection to a broad range of professionals
including: governments, industry and scientific community. Within this context, CLS
works in close collaboration with CNES, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA), and Eumetsat, (Organization for the Exploitation of
Meteorological satellites). CLS is an international corporation with 280 employees:
220 at company headquarters in Toulouse (France) and 60 at its offices and
subsidiaries around the world.
CLS is particularly attached to adventurers, wether they are skippers on the Route
du Rhum like Alain Gauthier, extreme explorers like Jean-Louis Etienne, science
travelers like Stephan Levin or navigators like Maud Fontenoy. CLS equips all of
them and continuously tracks their progression.
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(Source CLS)