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CLOUDEO teams with world-leading content and software providers to offer to you a unique secure and highly scalable geo-infrastructure as a Service bringing together data, software and processing power within a private cloud environment at a certified hoster to develop, produce and market geo-services.

CLOUDEO is dedicated to generating greater value from geodata by bringing together all those who create, interpret, and use it, including:

  • Users of Geo-Services
  • Developers of Geo-Services
  • Providers of Geo-Software
  • Providers of Geo-Data

CLOUDEO enables new business models for existing and new market players. Rather than making huge upfront investments in permanent licenses for software, IT and data, CLOUDEO users can now buy subscriptions and even 24/7 geo processing services on a pay-per-use basis at affordable prices, or enter into innovative revenue sharing schemes.

Data providers, software developers and service providers are enabled to market their products and services more easily and efficiently.


CLOUDEO removes the current entry barriers to EO data usage, service development, and service delivery by developing and implementing EO specific cloud technology and new business models. The company is creating a professional geo-collaboration platform that will enable the growth of product-oriented, value-adding business and increase the use of EO data.

To this end, CLOUDEO is offering a geoinfrastructure as a service (Geo-IaaS) with four main elements:

  • CLOUDEO Content Library – hosts geodata from many different data providers. It provides fast and easy access to data from many different data and content providers for your application development and service operations on CLOUDEO.
  • CLOUDEO Apps Library – hosts applications from many different software developers where data users and service providers can find applications to help them interpret data and derive the information they need for their projects.
  • CLOUDEO Processing Environment – a private user space for creating value-added products and services including CLOUDEO Workbench e.g. virtual desktop (see when interactivity is needed or CLOUDEO Factory when machine to machine is needed.
  • CLOUDEO Store – an online marketplace for data, software, and services that makes it possible to purchase one-off downloads, subscriptions, and even 24/7 geoprocessing services.


“We are always looking for innovative and cost-effective ways for offering our solutions to a wide range of organizations that need to easily visualize and leverage geospatial data for enhanced decision-making”. Though our partnership with CLOUDEO, we will be able to offer our solutions through a unique online portal in a cloud-based environment, which will further expand the overall reach of our solutions to a wider user base.” Mladen Stojic, President, Hexagon Geospatial.

“CLOUDEO’s service opens up great new possibilities to reach our customers more easily, with less administrative effort. We are sure to get new customers with it. The easy-to-access web store solution is an especially customer-oriented and well-designed platform.” Dr. Thomas Heege, CEO, EOMAP.

“CLOUDEO’s unique geo-collaboration portal provides all of the elements our customers need to develop a professional service easily and enable a fast market entry and ROI. That’s why we have decided to be CLOUDEO partner.” Dave Hodgson, CEO, DMCii.


CloudEO AG, Satellite Office, Ludwigstrasse 8,
80539 Munich, Germany
+49 89 206 021 166