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cloudeo and geo university have teamed up to make you a geo-expert

gis and geography are becoming increasingly important not only in the geosector or in clearly geo-related business, but also in a variety of different fields. more and more companies in the maritime, logistics, insurance, risk management or agricultural sector are recognizing the potential of geodata and the insights derived from it.

The preponderance of emerging insights, increasingly advanced electro-optical sensors and development of highly sophisticated geospatial solutions have instilled an increasingly ubiquitous demand for accessible geospatial intelligence (geoint) technologies heretofore the purview of highly specialized geographic information systems and remotely sensed imagery professionals alone. consequently, this ever-increasing demand for big geo data and its analytics requires a more widespread comprehension of formerly esoteric geospatial concepts and the adoption of at least some technical knowledge in geospatial software and the interpretation of insights derived from it. however, compared to other specialist areas, there has been a widening gap in knowledge and corresponding training courses available in the fields of gis, rsi, and earth observation in general. that is, until now.

As your trusted geo-services guide, cloudeo is teaming up with our partners at geo university to provide a seamless online training platform offering high quality online courses taught by formally educated and highly experienced geo-professional experts, with access to an ever-expanding catalogue of geoint data, software, and solutions available on the cloudeo geomarketplace.
Courses vary from simple note collections and books for people with constrained schedules wishing to study at their own pace, to comprehensive lectures complete with structured exercises, quizzes and more.

furthermore, courses are tailored for students, scientists, or decision makers alike seeking either an introduction to geoint and the latest earth observation technologies or to further enhance their existing knowledge in the following topics:
• geographical information system (gis)
• webgis
• remote sensing/earth observation
• photogrammetry

cloudeo’s mission has always been to empower our customers and help navigate a path of least resistance in leveraging the latest advancements in spatiotemporally enabled geospatial data, software, and insights with customizable and flexible solutions to match their needs. the cloudeo workbench gives you pay-per-use access to a powerful virtual desktop pre-configured for geoprocessing. this enables our users to focus on what is most important to them: their geoprocessing. costly scaling of complex geoprocessing tasks is ameliorated by eliminating the need for customers to invest in new or complicated it infrastructure and permanent software licenses. this makes working with envi, snap, python, etc., extremely convenient. cloudeo‘s readily available workbench environments come pre-installed with the latest software; automatically updated whenever there is a new version available, with regular backups of the workbench being performed for maximum security and availability.

we offer the workbench on a monthly subscription basis, which makes it the perfect complement to the geo university courses; granting instant access to a fully featured geospatial software solutions environment ideal for hands-on training, labs, practice exercises, and ad-hoc analytics experimentation. users can immediately put what they have learned into practice without the need to contend with the time-consuming minutia and expense of hardware, software, and long-term license subscription management.

sign up for your first course today and get the cloudeo workbench!