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China To Make Five More Oceanic Satellites

China‘s director of the State Oceanic Administration, Sun Zhihui, has confirmed that the country wants to make five more oceanic satellites that will include ocean color remote sensing satellites, ocean dynamic environment satellites and ocean surveillance satellites.

(April 2007) China launched the ocean color remote sensing satellite Haiyang-1B from the Taiyuan Satellite Launching Center.
For 2009, the Haiyang-2 satellite, or ocean dynamic environment satellites is in the works.
Oceanic research relies heavily on satellite ocean remote sensing technology to cover the maritime environment, disaster relief and other academic research.
According to the white paper issued by the Information Office of the State Council called “China‘s Space Activities in 2006,” in the next five years the country will start developing high-resolution Earth observation system, oceanic satellites, Earth resources satellites, and small satellites for environmental protection.
“Although China is one of only five countries in the world able to independently launch ocean color remote sensing satellites, we still lag behind developed countries in this field,” said Sun.
Sun said oceanic satellites important for marine economy, and monitoring China‘s marine rights.
He added that China should be at par with other countries in terms of satellite launching and observation technologies by 2015.
Josephine Roque