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China put FY-3C into operation to improve earth observation

On June 10, the meteorological satellite Fengyun-3C has been put into operation officially which replaced FY-3A to observe in a morning orbit with FY-2B in an afternoon orbit.

The operation of FY-3C will realize all-weather, multispectral, quantitative and 3D observation of global atmosphere and Geophysical factors to insure stable operation of polar-orbit meteorological satellites, provide better observation data for monitoring disasters, environment and addressing climate change, and further improve the monitoring capabilities.

As FY-3C started to operate, the four ground stations in Guangzhou, Urumqi, Jiamusi of China and Kiruma of Swden have began to accept observing data and Beijing station became to backup. Meanwhile, the FY-3C will provide users with various data products, such as global atmosphere and Geophysical data on atmosphere, clouds, earth surface, sea surface and space environment, grid data of climate and so on. In addition, it will disseminate products automatically to CMACast network, FTP real-time data areas or other special service lines, and offer data services for users in many ways.

If the satellite platform, payload on board FY-3C and others run normally, the standards for success rate of data accepting, data processing, products disseminating and data archiving will be defined as 99.5%, 99.5%, 99%, 100% to check FY-3C ground application system and insure quality of data.