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Basing its strength on the experience acquired during ESA Envisat Mission development and Ground Segment integration, the company aims to increase the competence on complex systems integration, testing and applications development specifically related to the Space sector.

Chelys launches new portal dedicated to Earth Observation

Chelys has recently launched a Web Portal devoted to the observation of the Earth. It includes commented satellite images as well as information on storms, hurricanes, fires and meteorological phenomena. The link is:

Chelys presents new satellite mosaic generation system, MOSRI, at 2nd ESA Meris/AATSR user workshop

In the field of earth observation and distributing satellite imagery, Chelys has developed and provided ESA with a system that generates high resolution images in real time, MIRAVI. The speed of generation and the systematic generation of the images has allowed us to create an additional service for generating Mosaics in real time (MOSRI). The themed mosaic is made of the projection (usually cylindrical) of many images which are combined together in order to obtain a continuous, homogeneous map of a determined zone on Earth (or of the entire Earth).

For every single image generated by the Envisat/MERIS sensor, the MOSRI software proceeds to calculate the projection, remove the clouds and make a combination with the images elaborated previously. The mosaics are available just a few seconds after the generation of the Miravi images and can be viewed as single images or “navigated” using software like Google Earth™ o NASA WorldWind.

MOSRI will be presented at the upcoming 2nd ESA Meris/AATSR user workshop.